Turbo Engineering - 3D Scanning and Printing, Rapid Prototyping


Okamins develops high quality turbocharger products for customers.


Even without OEM components drawings available, we can deliver parts for customer.


Equiped with state-of-the-art technologies, like white light 3D scanning Breuckmann smartSCAN-HE5.0, Amtek Creaform 3D laser scanner, ZEISS CONTURA CMM Contura, any physical object can be turned into CAD data at a high level of precision, irrespective of their sizes and complexity of surface geometries. The 3D scanning is accurate and reliable, which ensures that the parts fits as intended. All 3D scanning data are standard formats, like STP, IGS, etc., good for further processing.

· 3D Scanning of Turbine Housing by Breuckmann smartSCAN-HE5.0

· 3D Scanning of Compressor Wheel by Breuckmann smartSCAN-HE5.0

· 3D Scanning by Amtek Creaform 3D laser scanner

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To meet customers' rapid prototyping needs, we apply below 3D printing:

· 3D printed wax (no mould and die are required anymore) for castings, like turbine wheel, cast compressor wheel.

· 3D printed sandy cores for sand castings, like tubine housing, compressor housing.

Not only do we help make something possible, but also we quicken the process and reduce your time to market. If you have any exciting projects or turbocharger or parts that you want to reverse engineer, we can help with.